[Amsterdam] Info about anti-'terrorist' operations against 12 anarchists and anti-authoritarians in Brussels

From 2008 to 2014, the Belgian State conducted an extensive investigation into the autonomous struggles against the detention centers, borders, prisons and the world based on the authority and exploitation.

Raids, microphones, cameras in front and inside of homes, observations, wiretapping, infiltration ... After years of investigation, the State now seeks to label as "terrorists" 12 accused. This repressive operation targets any individual who, in his fight against this world chooses the means of self-organization, direct action and  hostility against all authorities. This trial is a repressive blow against any anti-authoritarian struggle. In a context of growing repression against all undesirables and rebels, both at frontiers and in neighborhoods, at the workplace and in prisons, the analysis of repression, the continuation of autonomous struggles and the practice of solidarity are our means to confront the suffocating world we live in.

The talk will be about the struggles which concern this operation (the struggle against the deportation centre of Steenokkerzeel among other ones), the context of repression in Brussels and perspectives of solidarity.

June 21th, 19:30h
The Bollox, Eerste Schiknelstraat 16,   Amsterdam