Staats- & geïnstitutionaliseerd racisme afschaffen! - Demo Aachen (DE)

Op 10 mei organiseren antifascisten uit Aken een demonstratie tegen geïnstitutionaliseerd en alledaags racisme in Aken, Duitsland.

In the summer of 2014 a new headquarters of the Federal Police will be opened in close proximity to the central station of Aachen. From there officers will carry out their tasks is the future. Part of these tasks is predominantly the “border protection” of the federal territory. The discriminating controlling practice of the Federal Police force is also referred to as racial profiling. Controls are carried out not according to people’s behaviour but based on the outer appearance. This practice has its origins in the racist stereotype that migrants are by default more criminal than people without a migration background. This is mostly visible around the central station in Aachen as well as the border crossing points. These measures of the Federal Police are without doubt part of a repressive migration policy and have to be seen in a pan-European context. The Federal Police is furthermore involved with the EU-organisation Frontex which controls the outer borders. Thousands die every year during their attempts to cross these borders. Frontex in often involved when migrants drown in the sea or boats capsize. Besides such institutionalised activities in the control and defence of migrants, a media discourse takes place which is often defined by racism. The perspective of those involved is hardly included in the coverage. Racists gather in Schneeberg, Duisburg, Berlin and many other cities and try to prevent the building of homes for asylum seekers or they spread racist propaganda against certain neighbourhoods and their inhabitants, such as the Ostviertel in Aachen. Racism is not exclusively a phenomenon of the far right. It spreads throughout society, police practice and through the institutions. Racism needs to be attacked in all of these places. But there is also resistance. In 2012 those affected by racist policy united and organised a „Refugee Protest March“ from Würzburg to Berlin. Another example is the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“. The migrants have certain demands, among those: the recognition of all asylum seekers as political refugees, and end of all deportations, the abolition of the residential obligation which prohibits asylum seekers from leaving their location, or the abolition of the location obligation which prohibits asylum seekers from choosing their own location. These groups were confronted with repression carried out by the state. The EU as well as Germany envisage a sophisticated security architecture as a weapon against migration. But isolation, border control, and police activity will not prevent people from making their way to Europe. Fortress Europe will not prevent the autonomy of migration. World without borders, worldwide solidarity!
No one is illegal – freedom of movement is everybody's right!