[Nijmegen] Leesgroep / Reading group 'Caliban and the Witch'

What do the witch trials in Europe and the conquest of the Americas have to do with the birth of capitalism?

In “Caliban and the Witch”, the social science scholar and activist Silvia Federici retells the process of primitive accumulation from a feminist perspective. In a bi-weekly reading cicle, starting at the beginning of January, we will read and discuss her book.

On the 9th of December, at 2o’clock we will hold a first gathering in the Klinker to see who’s interested in the collaborative reading circle and to read the introduction of the book together. We can also help you to order the book via the Anarchist library Zwarte Uil.  A pdf copy of the book is online on Libcom.org.  If you find the time, it would make sense to read the introduction before the meeting, but that’s not a precondition! We’ll read the text out loud in the meeting and engage with it together.

For all who are still undecided: In this 59 minute radio show from Austria, Federici presents her book and her motivation to write it.

The 13th of januari will be the followup meeting.