Benefit: Mexican Dinner and movie

Nachos, tortilla’s, aguacates and frijoles: Mexican inspired dinner followed by the beautiful movie, ‘La jaula de oro’, about the trip three 15 year old Guatemalans make to the promised land of the US. All profits will go to No More Deaths. One world, no borders!

No more deaths is a humanitarian actiongroup that works in the desert lands of the Mexican-Us border. Migrants flying poverty, inequality and violence in central America and mexico have to walk for days through the desert to reach the US. Guarded by all kinds of high-tech war equipment and thousands of border patrol agents this dangerous border crossing takes hundreds of lives every year.

No more deaths runs an aid-camp in the desert. This is a save-haven where people can find rest, food, water, clean clothes, a possibility to make phone calls and medical care. No more deaths also goes out into the desert, mapping the trails migrants use and leaving water, food, socks and blankets at strategic points.

In the hostile and dangerous environment of the desert the no more deaths volunteerswork already saved many lives. The organisation is dependent on donations for the water, food and medicine that are provided and for the logistics to make all this possible such as cars, gas, phones and GPSes

Movie: La Jaula de Oro
Beautiful, modest and adventures roadmovie about the three 15 year old Guatamalan friends Juan, Sara and Samuel that decide to travel to the promised land; the US. The movie gives a good impression of the many dangers and issues migrants are confronted with on their travel to the US: La bestia -the freight train migrants drive on north-, shelters, cartels, robbers, violence, corrupt police and finally, the desert. Spanish spoken, English subs.

One world, no borders!